20 PCS Professional Horse hair  Makeup Brushes

20 PCS Professional Horse hair Makeup Brushes

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Item Type: Makeup Brush
Quantity: 1 Set 20 pcs
Used With: Concealer
Handle Material: Plastic
Size: Make up Brushes Set
Material: Synthetic Hair
Model Number: Make up Brushes Set
Brush Material: Horse Hair
Material: Corrugated Nylon Hair

Product Description

Brush Hair Material: Corrugated Nylon Hair
Brush Handle Material: Plastic
Many kinds of makeup brush, everyday makeup, makeup can according to personal habits combined. But there are 6 brushes is the base configuration Required: brush, concealer brush, Blusher Brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush and brush.
Powder Brush: sweep out the makeup with silk texture, clean makeup is more durable.
Concealer  Brush: fine brush head can be difficult to touch the site, the effect is more uniform.
Blush Brush: brush the natural radian blush, halo shadow, highlight the perfect facial contour.
Eye shadow brush: a wide variety of. Need to prepare different sizes of eye shadow brush to match the different eye hook.
Eyebrow brush: with the eyebrow, can draw eyebrow quite natural. A pencil is easier to control the intensity and shade.
Lip Brush: precise outline the lip, make your lips full color uniform, more durable.
Foundation Brush: used to smear foundation, the requirements of the brush and liquid foundation are relatively high.
Facial contour features: brush brush head is 45 degrees, and the size of the blush brush similar, brush hair is coarse.
Package Including:
1 set 20 pcs Bushes