Acrylics Oil Painting Brushes

Acrylics Oil Painting Brushes

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Type: Paintbrush
Handle Material: Wood
Age: >6 years old
Type: Oil brush
Size: Different size
Soluble Or Not: Paint
Lead Hardness: B
Head type: Filbert-shape
Hair Material: Ferret badger hair
Suit for: Oil painting, Acrylic painting, Gouache

Product Description:

The hair of the brush is made of high-quality ferret-badger hair, maintaining the original thick fibrous, but to soften through technical means, to ensure flexibility while reducing the thorn sense ferret-badger hair itself, really very good! Moderate water absorption performance and elasticity, suitable for gouache, oil painting, acrylic painting.

 Use and maintenance of the brush:

1. The new brush need soak about 5 minutes in water (about 35 °C) ,it will remove the colloid of unused hair.
2. You should draw along with the hair ,it will keep the hair of brush smoothly.
3. You musn't soak in water after you painted , if you soak in water , the painting of handle will  peel off ,the hair will deformation and fall off after a period time . it will cause irreparable damage.
4. You should clean the pigment of the brush and dry water after you painted , it will prevent the hair to rot.