Aluminum Lipstick Mold

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Item Type: Makeup Tool Kit
Material: Aluminum
Quantity: 1SET
Model Number: CM-LSM-4-WD
Size: 4 cavities
Is_customized: Yes
Inner cup size: 11.8mm 12.1mm 12.7mm
Function: fill lipstick tube
Shape: water-drop

Product Description

4 cavities holes aluminum lipstick mold, four cavity aluminum lipstick fill mould_Waterdrop Shape 11.8mm 12.1mm 12.7mm

With Logo on top of lipstick: $25 extra charges.please contact us

Lipstick Shape: A. Moon drop   B. Water drop  C. Raised-water

Size Description:

The size we offer is regular size for europe&american customers. if you are not quite sure about your lipstick cup size. please supply lipstick tube to us before order, we will customize the mold according to exact packing to ensure the mold will work for your lipstick tube.  

Cleaning and Maintenance Instruction for Lipstick Mold& Makeup Pencil: 

1. When you receive the mold First make it soaked in cosmetics white oil or olive oil,then wipe the mold with a cotton swab or soft cloth to keep the mold dry.Be sure to use a cotton swab or wipe the oil dry never strongly wipe the mold, friction easily blackens the mold. If you do not want to make it soaked in white oil or olive oil, at least you have to check whether the hole is smirch inside, if there is please wipe with a soft cloth. 

2. If you use the mold the first time or after long time storage, it is better that you give up the first 2-3 batches of the filled material. In this case you can remove off the maintenance oil or lipstick residue left by last time. 

3. Pour Lipstick into the mold, put it aside for 30 minutes in regular temperature, if you put it in the refrigerator cooling 20 minutes is enough, after     lipstick as a solid, and then gently remove the mold cover to ensure that the lipstick in the bottom mold without pulling out with the cover, screw cup of lipstick case to the top, insert into the filled lipstick mold cavity-press firmly to the bottom of the mold then pull out straightly. 

4. When cleaning the mold. Please take soft cloth wipe the mold and inside slot, if storage for long time please smear White Paraffin Oil or  Silicone Oil in side the slot. If you will use it frequently please also remember to smear White Paraffin Oil or Silicone Oil in side the slot after a  while to maintenance the mold in good condition. 

Warning: Please avoid touch with water, Will damage the surface of aluminum, causing damage to the mold and shorten the service life, If you are not careful and touch with water please take dry soft cloth wipe it immediately.