Anti Dust Respirator Mask

Anti Dust Respirator Mask

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Product Description:

New Anti-Dust Respirator for Welder Welding Paint Spraying Cartridge Gas Mask

As cities growing up, urban pollution is getting worse.
The rise of high-rise buildings to promote the prosperity of the people's lives,but the industrial dust pollution, while also threatening people's health.
Bring the spraying cartridge gas mask will add a layer of green protection.

Soft plastic design, with a face more fitting, more comfortable.
Holes, reduce heat accumulation,and smooth breathing.
Rational design, filter effects, more than 90%.
High fixing elastic, more flexible, softer.

Material:Soft plastic and rubber
Cartridge material: Filter Cotton
Fit for:small dusts,mists,spray paint,chemicals and so on.Specially fit for the welders in welding ,grinding paint spraying.

Package Included:
1pc gas mask