Antivirus Protect Mask

Antivirus Protect Mask

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Product Description:

This product is a self-priming filter half mask,compatible for people working in industry,agriculture and scientific research institutions,which may contact organic vapors, benzene and its homologues, gasoline, acetone, carbon dioxide,ether etc.

1.100% Brand new and high quality
2.Consist of main unit,filter cartridge,exhalation valve and elastic belt four parts
3.Adjustable elastic belt,you can adjust according to your face
4.Good compactness,safe using and comfortable wearing
5.Compatible for factories, agricultural workplaces and scientific institutions etc.

Note:This product can not be used in tank, furrow and other airtight container workplace,also it is not suit for other gas environments.

1.Using conditions:
Environment  gas volume concentration:<0.1%
Oxygen volume concentration in air:<18%
2.Size:8x15cm,detailed size please refer to the picture

Package included:
1 x Respirators Mask