Autodial Text Alarm System

Autodial Text Alarm System

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Display: Yes
Size: 58 x 58 x89m
Video Interface:

Arming Type: RFID Card
Password Keyboard: Yes
Signal Pattern: GSM
Language: English & Russian
Communication Interface: Wireless
Alarm Type: Apps Control,SMS,The Alarm
Support System: Android IOS APP Remote arm/disarm

Product Description:

This alarm system is a high-end GSM alarm with stable and reliable performance and applies 2.4-inch TFT color screen and touch keyboard with built-in powerful CPU master and excellent operation experience. Host connects PIR motion sensors, door contacts, smoke detectors, gas detectors and emergency button accessories etc. After receiving an alarm, host will display the alarm zone and alarm siren on site, while texting to and dialing the number preset to inform user. It’s widely used in houses, factories, schools, shops, convenience stores, financial rooms, villas, communities and other area needed to be protected to ensure the security of the person and property at all aspects.

Main Function and Feature

TFT color display, humanized menu, operation with voice prompt, easy to use.
Read RFID card to disarm, can learn 20 cards.
There are 99 zones and 8 zone types optional in each zone; ON/OFF siren in each zone is available.
2 wired zones, Open and Closed Alarm mode optional
Host can be used as a normal cellphone to call other phones directly
To Set host through phone or SMS remotely, and it ’s compatible with China Mobile Fly message function to save user ’s SMS costs.
APP control host set and administration, and supports IOS/Android.
8 groups scheduling Arm/Disarm function, and date can be selected to avoid arm and disarm frequently manually to realize automatic control.
One-way alarm linkage wireless relay, and one-way wireless strobe siren
Control as much as 20 smart sockets through phone or SMS remotely to realize appliances remote control.
Host dial the phone number preset by user when alarms, and number never lost even power off
10s automatic message recording with built-in artificial voice, so that user can know the alarm place and zone when receive the alarm call remotely.
Arm/Disarm, Monitor, Speaker, siren ON/OFF, relay ON/OFF remotely.
Wireless study 1527 series accessories, and as much as 99 detectors and remote controls.
Integrate high precision clock chip so that time never lost even power failure.
Display the latest 99 arm/disarm, alarm and card read records with unique black box function.
Low-voltage indication and anti-tamper
Built-in rechargeable high capacity LI battery and supply power automatically when power supply failure
Caller ID display, power-off reminder.
Host applies four frequency GSM/GPRS module.

Technical Paremeter


Input Voltage: DC5V
Standby Current: <50mA
Alarm Current: <450mA
Wireless Frequency:433MHz
GSM Standard:Support GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz
Back-up Battery:3.7 High Capacity LI Battery
Alarm Loudness:80dB 
Accessories Parameters: this alarm can be compatible with PT2262 and EV1527 detectors. When using PT2262 coding, shock resistance is supposed to be 1.5M-4.7M, when using the EV1527 coding, vibration resistance is supposed to be 150K-470K.


Wireless Motion PIR Sensor
Power detector applies to power supply mode
Standby current:<50uA
Working Current:<25MA
Detecting Range:4-8m/90 degree
wireless Distance:100m(open area)
wireless frequency:433MHz
working humidity:<80%
Condition:100% Brand New
external power adapter or internal battery
External Power adpater:DC5V


Door/Window Sensor

Low battery notification and anti-tamper function

Ultra slim design, suitable for window/door
High-performance and low power consumption
Working frequency: 433 MHz

Shock resistance: 4.7M / 1.2M / 3.3M / 300K

Remote Controller

Super quality widend keys to avoid misuse
Professional optimize circuit design
Apparently improved signal intensity
Coding IC 1527
Operating frequency:433MHz
Laboratory button tested 100000 times

Power : 3V BUTTON battery x 2 pcs
Static Current: I1 = 0
Transmission Current: I2 ≤ 15mA
Transmission Time: >1s
Transmission Distance : 80m (No Obstacle)
Operational temperature: -10 degree to 40 degree (approx 14°F ~ 104°F)
Humidity: 90%

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