Blue Fescue Grass Seeds

Blue Fescue Grass Seeds

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Product Type: Bonsai
Size: Small
Applicable Constellation: Taurus
Style: Perennial
Full-bloom Period: Summer
Function: Beautifying
Flowerpot: Excluded
Use: Outdoor Plants
Type: Foliage Plants
Climate: Subtropics
Location: Courtyard
Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
Variety: Seeds

Product Description

Gramineae Festuca evergreen herbaceous , cold season . Tufted, height of about 40cm, diameter plants around 40cm. Upright smooth , strong blade inner volume is almost a needle or hair-like , blue- green, with silver frost . Spring and autumn are blue. Panicles, length 10cm, flowering in May .


Suitable for flower beds, reading glasses rimmed with its prominent colors and flower beds, reading glasses in stark contrast. It can also be used on both sides of the road rimmed with . Potted plants, into a piece of planting flower beds or flanger effect is very prominent. Best viewing period : from April to June , from September to November .