Non Slip Gloves Latex

Non Slip Gloves Latex

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Size: A length of 63 cm
Material: Latex
Length: 60cm
Types of: Non-disposable
Packaging: 1 pairs / bag
Features: Chemical protective gloves
Classification: Acid Alkali Resistant Gloves
Dimensions: Length 60 * width 14cm palm

Product Description:

This product is made of natural latex, the use of unique formula, excellent equipment made continuous use in 68% acid solution and 40% sodium hydroxide solution.
Usage: used in chemical, printing and dyeing, leather, electroplating work with, but also for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery operations purposes.
Product Manual:

First, the product is widely used in industry, mining, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and other departments for protective equipment.
Second, the product Seiko made with quality materials, reasonable structure, soft and comfortable, flexible, tear-resistant glove surface chemically treated to make products smooth surface, easy to wear off.
Third, the product in the production process, the use of new technology, product refers to the thick, thin sleeve for long life

Comparison of gloves and general gloves: